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Clean Cotton

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The aroma of fresh linens dried on a breezy summer day.  This oil is infused with Lemon and Lime essential oils. Phthalate free and no Prop 65 Warning ingredients.

Note Profile:
Lemon, Green Apple, Ozone
Jasmine, Cotton Blossom
Cedarwood, Musk, Violet

Simmering Oil:

Warmer Directions: Pour oil into a warming dish, a little at a time, until desired scent strength is reached. Soften scent with water if needed. Cleanup with soap and water. 

Diffuser Directions: Add 2-5 drops of oil to water in a diffuser.  *Consider purchasing my Bottle Dropper Plugs to prevent over pouring. These plugs allow small drops of oil to pass through the opening of the bottle.

Pure Fragrance Oil:

Perfect for making candles, soaps, lotions, bath bombs, slime, room sprays, cleaning products and refreshing the scent of potpourri botanicals.

Warning: Never heat oil above 200 degrees or leave a heated pot unattended. Unplug when not in use. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep away from children, pets and finished surfaces. Never use oil as a food source.

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